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The Plant is an online communication and project network with a simple but big mission: The Plant works on real solutions for the big problems of this planet. We share knowledge and work together in projects. The people that work together in The Plant are all motivated from the heart. It are food forest and permaculture experts, green entrepreneurs and innovators, but also designers, programmers, estate owners, farmers, branche cooperations, entrepreneurs, filmers, writers and project managers. Your project can also be part of this network of doers which want to work on the big system problems of this planet. With respect for all life. We can help with organisation and communication. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can work together.


The main texts on this site are usually made by Marieke Karssen. Articles and projects are written by the writer who is shown at the bottom. Images are by Marieke Karssen, architect Raimond de Hulu (slider at home, the tree houses in the city), photographer Duncan de Fey (slider at home, the food forest harvest) Wouter van Eck (food from the forest), Jan Degenaar (food forest from Martin Crawford) or from CC reuse sources such as Pixabay and Pexels.

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