Advanced Permaculture and Ecosystem Design course by Daniel Halsey

 650,00 1.250,00 excl. BTW/VAT

Co-hosting guest Designers, Regina Cobo-Quintas and Sara Garcia.

Certified by the Permaculture Research Institute of USA

Are you a landscaper, (landscape) architect, homesteader, ecological designer, teacher, resource engineer, homeowner or a student of these disciplines and do you want to learn design as a foundation for a career in professional ecological restoration? Then this is the course for you.

Daniel Halsey is an internationally renowned designer of ecological landscapes and a gifted teacher. During this course, of 10 days, he will take you deep into the professional design process. After this course, you will be able to design on a professional level using a proven process for each stage of development. On top of that, you will receive a huge amount of data, design elements, and access to a wide array of sources.  This is the foundation for a career in professional permaculture/ecosystem design. They will take you through the entire professional design process and develop your skills for marketable design services.

This is an intense experience of skill building, design progression, data mining, studying ecological models, and the science to support good design. Designers will have the opportunity to join United Designers and the Professional Permaculture Designer Network and work side by side with Daniel Halsey and other professional designers around the world. You will also have 1-year free access to The Natural Capital™ Plant Database, a repository of plant information for ecological design, that provides a variety of design tools from searching for plants based on selected criteria to creating ecological analogs. The United Designers resources supply formatted templates, scaled plant symbols, and many assets for using Adobe Illustrator for professional quality presentation.

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About Daniel Halsey

Daniel Halsey is a certified permaculture designer and teacher for the Permaculture Research Institute, Australia, director of PRI/USA, and board member of the Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration Section of the International Society for Ecological Design.  Daniel has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota in Temperate Climate Polyculture Design and a Master of Professional Studies in Horticulture. Dan’s studies and research focuses on ecological polycultures, natural capital, increasing carrying capacity, and woodland food systems. He has co-authored three books on sustainable design including Integrated Forest Gardening, 2014.
He is hired nationally and internationally to design private homesteads, intentional communities, ecological restoration, and broad-acre transitions in Haiti, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Canada, across the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, in The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and now in The Netherlands.

About the guest designers

Regina Cobo-Quintas

Regina Cobo is a certified permaculture designer from the Permaculture Research Institute, Australia, Analog Forestry systems designer and director of Abantos Permacultura, Madrid. Regina holds a degree in physical sciences and graduated in Fine Arts with honours in the final degree project, both from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She is a founding member of the Mediterranean Network of Analog Forestry. Consultant and certified permaculture designer, she works in permaculture and analog forestry projects both in Spain and abroad mainly focused on the Mediterranean area. She collaborates, as a United Designers partner, in international permaculture projects.

Sara Garcia

Sara Garcia is a certified permaculture designer for the Permaculture Research Institute, Australia, and manager of Magara Forest Gardens, Madrid.  Sara is a Forestry Engineer graduated from the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid.  Sara´s focus and research are on the design, restoration and conservation of sustainable agroforestry ecosystems on the Mediterranean climate.  She works as a consultant and certified Permaculture and Analog Forestry designer.  Founding member of the Mediterranean Network of Analog Forestry, she has recently become a United Designers partner.

Who, what, where and when?

Your profile

This is a professional course. You do not need to have a degree in landscape architecture or a Permaculture Design Certification, but we do expect you to work on a professional level during the course. Everyone can participate from any technological level, or from any kind of horticultural, permaculture or landscaping knowledge, but must be willing to step up. During the first module (Advanced Permaculture Design) we will work with pencils and paper (provided). And during the second module (Professional Practices) we will work with Adobe Illustrator. Any version above 6.0 will do. So, bring your own laptop. If you do not own Illustrator yet, you can start a free 30-day trial. One word of advice: don’t start your trial too early! Here we say the same thing: you do not need to know the software already, but a professional working capacity with Graphic/Office tools on a computer is a must and a willingness to learn too. There are many tutorials online to get you up to speed beforehand.

We will provide a binder with course information, paper, pens, and full access to a database full of examples and design elements. If you have maps or data of your own project or homestead, please don’t hesitate to bring them.

Wifi and a printer will be available.

The course will be given in English.


  • Advanced Permaculture Design is a 5-day course. Each day will begin at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM, after this there will be an additional hour for general questions and answers with the instructors, this is for your benefit but is not mandatory. The advanced permaculture course combines the design process of developing design insight and solutions with the drawing skills needed to plan and communicate those ideas. Detailed considerations for integrating:
    • Access, paths, and roads
    • water, hydrology, collection and distribution systems
    • earthworks, land slope, aspect, and topography
    • building polycultures, gardens, orchards and plant systems
    • Weather extremes, climate, and aligned goals
    • soil stabilization and improvement
    • animal systems and strategies for sustainable production,
    • hardscapes and engineered elements
    • energy sources and production

    This is a very skill concentrated course using modern pencil and paper practices for mapping and planning. A well-developed step by step process will be followed to ensure continuity for each design and designer. Dozens of exercises, worksheets, practice sheets, and in-class applications will be used to build and improve the skills following each presentation.  There is a very full plan for each of the days, but they include many types of activities and time for refreshments. Between the classes, you will be expected to work on your design(s).

  • Professional Practices and the Complete Design Process is a 5-day course. This course begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. It has a concentration on professional practices and skill development. We emphasize on each student developing a professional design process and presentation style. The class will assess a client site and create a professional design and the accompanying narratives as a group. Working in parallel, each student will be assigned various tasks and present their findings to the class as the process unfolds. Additional work will be required after the course for completing the final design and the documentation. Students will use online document access during and after the course.
    Materials List: Laptop PC or Mac, Updated Adobe Illustrator Software (trial okay), printer (at home), Adobe Acrobat for Pdf’s (No iPads or Tablets)

What and where

  • The first course “Advanced Permaculture Design”, is from Monday the 5th of November till Friday the 9th of November. Each day starting at 09:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM. There are breaks for coffee, tea, lunch, study and practice. Costs € 850,- ex. VAT.
  • The second course “Professional Practices”, is from Monday the 12th of November till Friday the 16th of November. Again, each day starting at 09:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM. There are breaks for coffee, tea, lunch, study and practice. Costs € 650,- ex. VAT.
  • If both courses, the full 10 days, are combined you will receive a discount of € 250,- and the total costs will be € 1.250,- ex. VAT. All costs include lunch, coffee, tea and refreshments.
  • If you are attending the second module, Professional Practices: bring your laptop, with Adobe Illustrator installed. . Any version over 6.0 will do. Older versions will not work. If you do not know the software, install the free trial version a day or so before the course starts. It will last 30 days. We also advise you to take a look at some Adobe tutorials.
  • The location is Kielekampsteeg 32, 6708 PC Wageningen, the Netherlands. Which is easily accessible via car or public transport.
  • You will receive a binder with course information, lots of bonus materials and example data, access to the United Designers database and 1-year free access to The Natural Capital™ Plant Database,
  • Students will develop a consistent process to complete designs with a high-quality presentation, confidence, and efficiency and extend their skills and experience into higher professional practice. These courses are for current and prospective members of our supporting organizations and those wishing to join the United Designers Co-op.  Attendees completing both courses will join the cohesive teams of designers working on projects throughout the planet and receive a PRI accredited certification.

Conditions and Cancellation policy

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Full Course, 10 days, Advanced Permaculture Design, 5 days first week only, Professional Practices and the Complete Design Process, 5 days second week only